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The Most Human Human 

The Turing test is one measurement of artificial intelligence: how closely can a computer program imitate human conversation? The test involves judges engaging in conversations with both humans and programs, both via computer, and if the judges cannot reliably distinguish the machine from the human, the machine has passed the Turing Test. In the book …

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I Am A _______: Ask Me Anything 

One of my favorite websites is Reddit, an aggregator of user-submitted content (such as pictures, links, news articles, memes, etc.) which are compiled and listed in an ever-shifting hierarchy based on “up” or “down” votes by users. Topics can be sorted through threads or “subreddits” (e.g. funny, politics, gaming, programming, random). My favorite subreddit is …

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Computers + Writing 

Writing and alphabetic systems have always been shaped by the tools and materials in the environment. The materiality of clay and reeds influenced the development of the ancient alphabet cuneiform; the writing system was comprised of five different wedge shapes, which were the types of impressions the reeds made in the clay. (The word “cuneiform” …

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Living through the Paleozoic Era of the Internet 

We are living through a communication revolution. It is like the Gutenberg revolution of the printing press, but at a thousand-times greater magnifold. The Internet. Arguably, this technology is beyond the discovery of copper, the discovery of bronze, the discovery of smelting iron. It is beyond the technology of paper and gunpowder. It is beyond …

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